Mapping of the

Discover the mapping of SDG expertise
of International Geneva

The UN Office at Geneva has mapped out the expertise on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) found across international organizations, NGOs and other institutions based in Geneva.
This has been envisioned as a tool to help strengthen synergies and improve coordination to support countries achieve the SDGs and provide Member States an overview of “who is doing what and where”.

This website aims to visualize interactively the contribution, through different types of expertise, of actors across International Geneva to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the mapping, you can explore each SDG individually to see which organization covers which types of expertise for each goal. With the filter functionality, you can quickly search specific goals, targets, expertise and organizations.
For each organization and according to the specific goal and expertise, examples of concrete projects and contact information are provided as well.

The mapping works best using the following up-to-date browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Compare the 10 types of expertise
across all SDGs

The Perception Change Project (PCP) identified 10 types of expertise which actors of International Geneva use to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. About 100 contributing organizations are currently listed in the database.

Choose one type of expertise to compare the number of organizations contributing with this expertise across all SDGs.

The mapping works best using the following up-to-date browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Find the contributing organizations

With this filter you can search the database specifically. Select a goal, choose whether you look for a core or non-core expertise, UN or non-UN organization and get a list of the contributing organizations. You can also simply select an organization and get an overview of the goals it is contributing to, and through which expertise. Organizations are listed with contact information and a short description of their work according to the selected goal and expertise.

The database gets updated on an ongoing basis.

The targets of all SDGs

Together with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations adopted 169 targets in September 2015, which demonstrate the scale and ambition of this universal agenda. Each goal has specific targets associated with it; together they stimulate action in areas at universal agenda for humanity and the planet.

The targets were defined as aspirational and global. At the same time, it was recognized that each country faced specific challenges to achieve sustainable development. While guided by the global ambition, each government is taking into account national circumstances, when setting its own national targets.

Discover the targets of each SDG by choosing one goal and delving into the map.

The mapping works best with up-to-date Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

About the SDG Mapping

In the run-up to the Sustainable Development Summit in New York in 2015, the Perception Change Project (PCP), based at the United Nations Office at Geneva, developed an online survey to map the relevant expertise of International Geneva to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and created a series of infographics displaying the information collected.

This website is the second edition of the SDG mapping, which aims to interactively visualize the results of the second SDG survey.
About 100 actors participated in the survey and interactive mapping. They self-assessed their expertise as core, generic or non-applicable in 10 different areas for each SDG.

This website, which interactively displays the expertise mapping, was developed in collaboration with Kontextlab.